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Star is the daughter of Bailey and Lincoln.  We found the most awesome pet home for her with Jennifer Barton in San Antonio.  Star started as a Therapy Dog in the summer of 2011 and she is with the Penny's From Heaven Foundation visiting wounded soldiers and children of abuse and neglect as well as nursing homes.  Star is doing so well and we couldn't be prouder of her.  The first fawn boston terrier therapy dog!  Star is soon to be joined by our special people loving boy Jasper and together they will make an unstoppable Therapy Team of love!

Star in her therapy vest, taking a break, and her official therapy dog advertisement.  Check out Star and Jennifer on Penny's From Heaven Foundations website:

Jennifer and Star and James and Jasper




Otis is the son of our Ellie and Fawnzie who is from Monty and Josie.  Otis LOVES doing agility and his mommy Peggy loves him to pieces!

Video of Otis weaving



Roscoe is Jasper's son with Mimi.  His mommy Kelli has enrolled him obedience classes and he will soon be taking his CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) test.  If he passes this he will be one step closer to becoming a Therapy Dog!!  Yay Roscoe and thanks to his mommy Kelli for taking him to his full loving potential.  I know he will do great. 

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