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Candy's Story or Why we do not sell our dogs to Breeders...

Some of you know the story, but I wanted to share it with the rest. Candy's Story.

Candy is the daughter of our Honey and Monty. At a year old we decided to place her with a breeder who told us she would be very well taken care of, her ‘baby’ as she called her.

This is Candy at 6 weeks and then at around 4-6 months old, full of spunk and life, chunky as can be.

After a year of being with this breeder, she came upon hard times financially and the dogs were left to the wayside. Some died, most were starving, most were full of worms and giardia and other ailments.

Candy was BARELY saved at this time by Tricia, a friend of the breeder that got her. Below are Candy's pictures of when she was rescued. Seven pounds, spirit broken.

Sores on neck.

Sores in ears.
Emaciated. Ribs poking out. Scared.
A person's hand could almost go around her waist.

Candy still though LOVED people through all the neglect and abuse she endured. Look at the soft loving eyes she had in the pictures Tricia took below shortly after getting her.

Barely 7 pounds, Candy unfortunately was pregnant. With her tiny body unable to even take care of itself, we watched as her babies passed away. She was too sick and the babies must have had developmental problems from such poor previous care. As most of you remember, Candy even had a special chair built for situation. She couldn't hardly eat without throwing up.

So with the turn of events with Candy's litter and with Candy's health still deteriorating, Tricia sold Candy back to my mom. She was 9 pounds when she arrived. She still had worms and Giardia, but with how infested she started out, it was a long battle to fight these ailments. Her teeth were infected and rotten. She required daily teeth brushings and gradually the foul smell she had dissipated.

My mom's love and one on one care has brought Candy back from the brink. The sparkle is back in her eyes. She now weighs 12 pounds and looks almost like her old self again. She quickly adapts to any situation and becomes just as quickly bonded with whoever she is with. She just wanted love and attention.

Candy is almost fully rehabilitated. The emotional scars will forever be there. Pam sent Tricia for Candy a blanket and stuffed bone that Candy thinks is her lost puppies. She rubs her face on your chest looking for the gentle caresses she never got the year she was neglected and abused.

May no one go through the tortuous months we have gone through agonizing about every puppy we ever placed...wondering "are they being taken care of?" "Why don't they call and tell me how they are doing?" "Are they being loved?"

Candy didn't have this for a year of her short little life. She now will live with Cherri and be her only animal companion and we will NEVER have to ask these questions again for Candy.

Hug your dogs a little tighter.

Candy says thank you for listening to her story.



Please enjoy Candy living the good life attacking the cowhides in her new mommies office.

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