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UCA Champion King Jasper Fawn White-retired

Jasper (from bean and riley 2008) was sold to a breeding home in 2008, but returned to us.  He is BAER normal, CERF normal (2009), Patella normal, JHC Carrier.  He is 25 pounds of muscle and energy, yet is the best lap dog you'd ever see.  He is so sweet and loving, yet can get rowdy and playful if you need him to.  Jasper is a prolific breeder, there's not been a female yet he can't get bred or that doesn't at least have 4 puppies in a litter.  He has outstanding conformation.  We are proud to have produced him.  He too, is an almost unseen shade of fawn, very light almost cream with silver sabling throughout his coat.  AKC/UCA registered.  He now lives with the Bartons and Star in San Antonio and will soon be a therapy dog like his neice Star!  See our Therapy and Performance Dog page!  


 DSC03199.jpg picture by gabbyvogler

Jasper at 2 years old


Retired Dogs

This is my new girl, Sandy (DOB 12-19-05).  Gabe is her father (that's why there's so much white).  Learn more about Sandy at Dogster  She weighs 17 pounds at one year.  Josey (below) is her grandmother.  She had only one litter, and she is now a spayed housepet.  She lives with Jody Osberg and Crosby in New Braunfels, TX.

Sandy at 6 weeks






Sandy at 4 months

This girl loves to play with Monty and loves to cuddle in your lap anytime.


Sandy at 5 months.  Such a cutie pie






Sandy at 8 months.  So cute!!! 










Ginger is from Bella and Lincoln's litter of Sept 2008.  She has a feisty personality and is very outgoing.  BAER tested NORMAL, AHT tested CLEAR, non-carrier (owned by my mom Margo)    Ginger is 11 months in these pictures.  Non-aggressive personality to other dogs or people.  Good mother, AKC/UCA registered, 24 pounds.                                                            
































Bambi (Vogler's Sagebrush Shocker) is our SURPRISE from Beau and Bailey.  She was born on June 24, 2010.  She is very sweet and playful.  Registred AKC/UCA.  JHC carrier.  Placed Bambi with Cathy in Aug 2011 and she will just be a pet :)



Beau is a Champion Sired 2 year old male.  He is Patella Normal, BAER normal, CERF normal as of feb 2010, JHC carrier.  We look forward to seeing what he produces.  He is a sweet boy with a spunky personality.  He is 20 pounds, AKC registered.  Look for him the ring in 2010.  Beau with enough exercise and attention is a great all around boston.  He gets along great with other girl dogs.  AKC/UKC/IABCA/UCA registered.

Beau winning his International Championship with the IABCA/FCI in Hutto, TX  July 2010.  He now lives with the Yarbrough's in California.




Lincoln is a four year old stud muffin that throws gorgeous fawns and brindles (DOB April 2004).  He is short and stocky and sweet as can be.  He is CLEAR of having or carrying Juvenile Cataracts.  (owned by my mom Margo)  In December of 2009 Lincoln was placed in a wonderful pet home, where he will be loved to the fullest extent possible.  We have his awesome kids, Ginger, Ollie, Mack, Brindi and Brady to carry on his sweet personality and gorgeous good looks. 






This is Gabe.  A friend of my moms owns him, but let's my mom use him for breeding on her female, Josey.  Sweet dog, who once he starts playing, he won't stop!  He's about 8 years old now, but nothing stops him, he just had a litter of 8 pups (12-19-05)!  He weighs 20 pounds and it's all muscle.  His AKC registered name is Gabe's Clark Gable, and he is awesome.  Gabe's the MAN!!  (owned by our friend Rose H) 

Gabe passed away in 2009.


Here's some pics of some pups he's had:







 This is Momma Josey.  She weighs about 25 pounds, but it's mostly fat.  She's a great mom and is very sweet.  AKC reg, free-whelp.  (owned by my mom Margo)  Now lives in San Antonio with Arlene.  Born Oct '02.




Harper Rose

Harper is from Brindi and Bean and was born 6-13-11. 

UCA Champion Vogler's Bailey Brown-Retired

This is Bailey Brown (parents are Bean and Riley).  She was born Dec. 24, 2007 and is a total sweetheart.  She passed her Juvenile Cataract test done by the AHT in England.  She will not have or carry Juvenile Cataracts.  YAY!  BAER tested NORMAL, CERF NORMAL-Jan 10, Patella norma/cardiac normal. (owned by gabby vogler)  .  AKC/UCA registered, 18 pounds.  CHIC # 74215

 Bailey now lives with Laura in Austin and is being a spoiled baby. 

UKC/INT/NAT CH/UCA Champion Vogler's Cool Montana

This is Monty my male as a little 9 week old pup (DOB 10-09-2005).  He came from Montana and his registered name is Vogler's Cool Montana..  BAER NORMAL HEARING.  CERF NORMAL-Jan 2011.  (owned by gabby vogler) JHC Clear non carrier, Patella/Cardiac normal.  AKC/UKC/UCA registered.  CHIC # 67733 

3 months








Monty at 5 months







Monty has been retired and is staying with us. 




Monty is a UKC Champion at 5 years old.  He has one win towards his Grand Championship.  We are proud of our little old man...

UCA GRCH Vogler's Red Ryder

This is Sandy and Monty's boy Ryder. He is more outgoing and lives to please his humans. He weighs 24 pounds. His AKC name is Vogler's Red Ryder. BAER tested NORMAL (co-owned by gabby vogler and my mom margo), Patella tested normal/CERF/CARDIAC normal. AKC/UCA registered. On July 18th 2009, Ryder attained his Championship through the UCA. JHC carrier CHIC # 70823








His five week old picture can be seen on the home page!


UKC/UCA CH Calvert's Talkin Bout Brady

Brady is a gorgeous fawn brindle little man. His dad is Lincoln and mom is Riley. He looks like the brindle version of his Uncle Ryder. He should be about 22 pounds full grown. Look for updated pics as he grows up. Parents both AHT tested CLEAR for Juvenile Cataracts, Patella normal. Owned by Margo. BAER Normal/CERF/PATELLAS/CARDIAC normal. AKC/UKC registred. CHIC # 70825

16 weeks













Brady at 1 year

Ally Frootie!

Alice AKA Ally and Tootie Frootie is littermate to Melli. They were born 1-1-11. Pics are at 5 and 7 months old (second pic is with Holly in front). BAER normal, JHC Clear/CERF normal Sept '11, patallas normal. CHIC # 80592

UCA CH Ollie-Retired

Miss Ollie was born to Bella and Lincoln Sept 2008. BAER tested NORMAL (owned by gabby vogler), JHC carrier. Ollie is a very laid back dog, very go with the flow and nothing phases her. She is a good mother, free-whelped. AKC/UCA registered. Non-aggressive with other dogs or people. Loves everyone.

ollie at 7 months

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