Gabby's Boston Terriers!

  Texas Fur Babies


These pups are from Monty and Sandy's first litter.  Four girls and one boy were born on January 2, 2007.     






















A litter of four gorgeous babies from Bailey and Lincoln born 6-16-2009

they are soooo precious!

Mack, 4 pounds

Brenda Brindle, 3 pounds

A VERY Bailey face, that's the look Bailey gives me all the time...

Sheila, 4 pounds

Shelly, 4.5 pounds, I hate that my arm/hand are in these...will try for better ones later.


Molly Holly Belle

Molly, this one she looks SO determined to get that cat...


Ace Holly Molly

Holly Molly Ace Belle

Molly Holly Belle



Ace from Jasper and Mercedes 





Holly and Molly

Ace, Molly and Holly

Thought this was a funny shot, AND it showed their size comparisons well. Holly is such a chunk! (Molly, Ace, Holly, Belle)

This was the BEST I could get out of Belle


Babies from Bean/Riley

Born 12-24-2007


Mack Attack is from Lincoln and Bailey born June 16, 2009.  He is very feisty and is always looking for the 'kitties' just like his dad Lincoln.  Mack should be about 20 pounds full grown.  We look forward to seeing how he turns out.  BAER NORMAL.  JHC Clear due to parentage.  He now lives with Sandy with the Osberg's of New Braunfels.   

Mack at 9 weeks                                           7 weeks









Mack at 7 months, 22 pounds


This is Ms Belle.  She is from Ellie and Bean, and is sometimes called Bellie as a combo of her parent's names.  She is a JHC Carrier, BAER normal hearing.  She will be on the smaller side around 15 pounds.  She is so sweet and calm, she loves her people and other dogs. 

Belle at 8 weeks and 5 months


Hartley Heartbreaker

Hartley is a fawn and white little man born 6-13-2011 to Bean and Brindi.  He is JHC clear and will be a great asset to our breeding program in the future if he passes all his health tests.  He looks very much like his aunt Star did when she was this age.  CERF normal Sept '11  He lives with Ed, Misha and their other baby they got from us Casey in Boerne.   

8 weeks and 12 weeks




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