Grisham N Vogler's Jesse James

Jesse comes to us from Sher Grisham at Grisham's Glen in Oklahoma  DOB 11/14/13 JHC clear/CAER normal



 Travis is a Black Brindle and White cutie pie.  He is JHC clear, BAER normal, Patella/Cardiac normal, CERF normal Jan 2011.  Co-owned.   CHIC #  75436 

****Travis finished 2011 as the #2 Boston Terrier in the UKC!!!****

***2-5-12 Travis is now an IntCh with the IABCA***


***2-11-12 Travis took Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the West Texas Kennel Club AKC show in Midland TX for 1 point under judge Michael Loller!***

***3-10-12 Travis took Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the AKC show in San Antonio TX for 1 point under judge Stephen Hubbell***

***5-5-2012 Travis took Winner Dog at the AKC show in Big Spring Texas for 1 point under judge Stephen Hubbell*** 

***5-6-12 Travis took Winners Dog at the AKC show in Big Spring TX for 1 point under judge Jon Cole***

***6-16-12 Travis took Winners Dog at the AKC show in Texarkana, AR for a FOUR point MAJOR under judge Keke Kahn***

***6-17-12 Travis took Winners Dog at the AKC show in Texarkana, AR for a FOUR point MAJOR under judge Donna Buxton***

***SA TX 7-13-12 Winner's Dog AKC for 1 point under judge Michele Billings***

***SA TX 7-14-12 Winner's Dog for AKC 1 point under judge Jack Ireland***

***SA TX 7-15-12 Winner's Dog for AKC 1 point under judge Fred Bassett***

15 points=AKC CHAMPION!  Congrats to Travis and thank you to his trainer/handler/breeder Teresa Arnett of Bewitching Bostons!

***10-7-12 Travis Took Select Dog at the Humble Kennel Club Show for 2 points and a Dog Defeated under judge Riggsbee***

***10-27-2012 Travis Took Best of Breed at the Travis County Kennel Club Dog Show in Austin, TX for a FIVE point major and a Dog Defeated under judge Barbara Langlois***

***10-28-12 Travis took Select Dog for 1 point at the Travis CKC show in Austin under judge Mr. M Queijeiro .***

***1-19-13 Travis took Select Dog for 2 points under judge Carolyn Herbel at the Rosenberg TX AKC show and a Dog Defeated***

***1-20-13 Travis took Best Opposite for a 4 Point Major under judge Elizabeth Muthard at the Rosenbery TX AKC show and a Dog Defeated***

***2-2-13 Travis took Best Oppostie for 1 Point under judge Norman Kenney at the Hobbs, NM AKC show***


For more pics of Travis go here:

INT CH/JR Master Supreme GRCH Winning With Winston!

This little fawn man is from Mason and Brindi.  He is JHC clear by parentage.  We look forward to making him a part of our breeding program if he passes all of his health tests in the future.  He's a sweet chunky boy!  BAER normal, CERF normal (sept 2012), JHC Clear non carrier

Pictured here at 5 weeks old


Winston going to his VERY FIRST SHOW!  We went the weekend of October 6/7, 2012 to an International Canine Kennel Club show.  Winston recieved ALL Excellent and Very Good ratings from all eight AKC judges to become a Intercontinental Junior Puppy Champion, then competing against all of my other dogs and all the other dogs there he recieved 8 first places in his class, 5 Winners Dog, 5 Best of Winners, 5 Best of Breed, 7 Best Junior in Breed, 5 Group 3's out of all breeds adults and juniors in the companion group. Three Best Junior in Group out of all Juniors showing in the companion group, and then three RESERVE BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW out all all juniors shown in all groups!!!! So proud of Winston and he is the first of only a few dogs of all breeds to achieve the level of Junior Supreme Grand Champion!!! 


Pictured below at 10 months


UKC CH/INT CH Rain Valley's Southern Comfort (Baxter)

 Baxter is a sweet boy that loves all people and cats and dogs.  He was born Sept 5, 2011 and is BAER normal, CERF normal, and JHC clear non-carrier.  He comes from several show lines and we hope that he adds some nice heads to our other dogs and his sweet personality.   


***2-2/3-13 Baxter recieved his International Championship title through the IABCA!***


INT CH Mason!

Mason Man is a goofy boy with a ton of personality.  Born May 20, 2010 to UCA GR CH. Vogler's Red Ryder and Calvert's Ginger Snap.  Always ready for playing and just a very go with the flow attitude.  NOTHING phases him!  Loves everyone and everything.  JHC CLEAR non carrier.  BAER/CERF/Patella/Cardiac Normal  Registered AKC.  Pics below taken Jan 1, 2011 at 7 months old.  CHIC # 75437

On Oct 6/7, 2012 we took Mason to the International Canine Kennel Club show where he became the FIRST EVER COLORED BOSTON TERRIER INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!






UKC CH Razlpaq Ace in the Hole Calvert

Ace is from our fawn Jasper (Bean and Riley) and a pretty seal brindle named Mercedes.  AKC/UCA/UKC/IABCA registered.  He was born August 27, 2009.  He is currently 19 pounds.  He's a super sweet boy who loves all other animals and people.  He is very smart and loves to be loved on.  Ace is the softest dog you will ever find.  His coat is like velvet.  He loves other dogs, no matter the size.  As long as he has a canine companion and his toys (see pic below), he is happy :)  Ace lives in Albuquerque with Cindy and we retain breeding rights on him and hope to produce something spectacular in the future with this gorgeous boy.

Ace is CERF normal, BAER normal, Patella/Cardiac normal  JHC carrier  CHIC # 75432




Ace at 9 months old










INT CH Vanilla Bean

I aquired Bean when his owner could not keep him anymore at a year and a half old.  He has the sweetest personality and a super cute face to match.  He is 15and a proven stud.  He was born March 10, 2006.  BAER tested NORMAL, CERF NORMAL-Jan 2011, PATELLA/CARDIAC normal, JHC carrier. (owned by gabby vogler)   AKC/UCA registered   CHIC # 74214