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After this page was made, we placed many puppies with many loving families.  If you would like references feel free to contact me as I just didn't have time to update this page.  You can see several of our doggies in their new homes by checking out my facebook page: 


Hey there Sniper is doing so well I  cant thank enough , he has changed my life so much. He is part of the family now. He is 5 months and has all shots needed. will be buying another -Mike in San Antonio bought Sniper (aka Kodiak) from Josie and Clicker's litter from Sum '08-


Hope you and your family are doing well.  Wanted to send you a few quick photos of
our darling Sami (previously Bunny)....we are also mailing some to your Mom, but just wanted to share....
Ron and Deb Ross  -Sami Jo from Ryder and Ivy Sum 08-


He (Jasper) is eating, drinking water and playing up a storm, I think he might have barked or cried when he first started his trip, but he is doing great now.  Jasper just keeps getting better looking!   He is precious.  -Sharon W.  Nevada- Bought Jasper from Bean and Riley's litter 12-24-07 

  Jasper with Koquett, his future girlfriend


Thank you for our little bundle of joy!  -The Smith Family in Ohio bought Jackson from Bean and Riley Dec 2007.   


He (Jeter) is so playful, we love him so much. I will keep sending you pics periodically as he grows. Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family. -Paul, NJ bought Jeter from Riley and Bean's litter 12-24-07



Ruby and Mandy from Sandy and Monty 1-2-2007

I so love the girls. I don't think either are going to get very big -
just a nice armful... and look at the pix I sent - aren't they just
prettiest pups ever!!! Very sweet and playful, great temperments. I know I
got the best ones of the litter - thanks so much for my little gems !!!

-Carol, MN-


I have never been more proud of an animal companion than I am of TEXAS.  He was tossed into a world most PEOPLE don't experience.  Life on the road with a traveling tour company.  He adapts to new hotels and theatres and parking lots and parks and new smells and mischievous trouble to get into in every city you could think of across the nation.  from D.C. to Seattle, from West Palm Beach to San Diego, from Toronto to Houston etc.  In two years he has been to just under 100 cities.  He has his pictures in newspapers, meets famous people all the time, has a myspace page, (texascamachosuperstar is his username).  Now we move to Hawaii to build a home so he can have a yard to run around in and chase the lizards and find new trouble to get into.  I have at least a thousand pics of him. -Mitch H. bought Tex from Gabe and Bella's litter Dec 2005, this is Sandy's full brother.-

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